8 Ways to Fix Your iPad Screen Flickering Issue

IPad Screen Flickering Issue

Having your iPad screen flicker can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of something important. But don’t worry, there are several ways you can tackle this issue and get your iPad back to its normal functioning state. Let’s dive into the various methods you can try to fix your iPad screen flickering problem.

Understanding the iPad Screen Flickering Issue

What Causes Screen Flickering?

A variety of factors can cause screen flickering. It might be due to software glitches, outdated iOS, faulty apps, or hardware issues. Understanding the root cause can help in applying the right solution.

Common Signs of Screen Flickering

You might notice your screen flickering intermittently, showing lines, or even experiencing random screen dimming. These symptoms can disrupt your usage and indicate an underlying issue that needs addressing.

Method 1: Restart Your iPad

How to Restart Your iPad

Restarting your iPad is the simplest and often the most effective way to fix screen flickering. To restart, press and hold the power button until the “slide to power off” slider appears. Slide it to turn off your iPad, then press and hold the power button again until the Apple logo appears.

Why Restarting Helps

Restarting your iPad can clear out any minor software glitches or background processes that might be causing the screen to flicker. It’s a quick and easy first step to try.

Method 2: Update iOS

Checking for Updates

Sometimes, screen flickering can be due to bugs in the current iOS version. To check for updates, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, you’ll see a prompt to download and install it.

Installing Updates

Make sure your iPad is connected to Wi-Fi and has enough battery life before installing updates. Keeping your iOS updated ensures you have the latest bug fixes and improvements, which can resolve screen flickering issues.

Method 3: Adjust Brightness Settings

Manual Brightness Adjustment

Sometimes, the screen flickering is related to the brightness settings. To manually adjust the brightness, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and use the slider to change the brightness level.

Auto-Brightness Feature

The Auto-Brightness feature can sometimes cause flickering if it’s malfunctioning. To disable it, go to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size, then toggle off Auto-Brightness.

Method 4: Reset All Settings

Steps to Reset All Settings

If the issue persists, you might need to reset all settings. This will not delete your data but will reset system settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and confirm your choice.

What Happens When You Reset

Resetting all settings will revert settings like Wi-Fi passwords and wallpapers to their defaults. It’s a more thorough way to clear out potential software conflicts that might cause flickering.

Method 5: Check for App Issues

Identifying Problematic Apps

Certain apps might be causing the screen to flicker. Identify these by noticing when the flickering occurs. If it happens when using a specific app, that app might be the culprit.

Updating or Removing Apps

Make sure all your apps are up to date. Go to the App Store and update any pending apps. If updating doesn’t help, try uninstalling the problematic app to see if the flickering stops.

Method 6: Check for Physical Damage

Inspecting the iPad

Physical damage to your iPad can also cause screen flickering. Check for any visible signs of damage, like cracks or dents, which might be affecting the screen’s functionality.

Getting Professional Help

If you find any physical damage or if the issue persists despite trying the previous methods, it’s best to contact a professional for repair. Visit an Apple Store or an authorized service provider.

Method 7: Restore iPad to Factory Settings

Backing Up Your Data

Restoring your iPad to factory settings can fix more persistent software issues. Before doing this, back up your data via iCloud or iTunes to avoid losing important information.

Restoring the iPad

To restore, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. This will wipe your iPad and reinstall the iOS, which can resolve deeper software problems causing the flickering.

Method 8: Contact Apple Support

When to Contact Support

If none of the above methods work, it’s time to contact Apple Support. They can provide advanced troubleshooting steps or arrange for a repair if necessary.

What to Expect

When you contact Apple Support, they might guide you through some diagnostic steps or ask you to bring in your device for inspection. They can offer solutions tailored to your specific issue.


Screen flickering on your iPad can be a nuisance, but there are multiple ways to tackle the problem. From simple fixes like restarting your iPad and adjusting settings, to more comprehensive solutions like updating iOS and restoring to factory settings, you have a variety of methods to try. If all else fails, professional help from Apple Support is always available.


Why does my iPad screen flicker intermittently?

Screen flickering can be caused by software glitches, outdated iOS, problematic apps, or physical damage. Identifying the cause can help you apply the right fix.

Can a software update fix my screen flickering issue?

Yes, updating to the latest iOS version can resolve bugs and glitches that might be causing the screen to flicker.

Is the screen flickering a sign of a hardware problem?

Sometimes, especially if there’s physical damage to your iPad. If software fixes don’t work, it might be a hardware issue that needs professional repair.

How do I back up my iPad before restoring it?

You can back up your iPad using iCloud or iTunes. For iCloud, go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup and tap “Back Up Now.” For iTunes, connect your iPad to a computer and follow the on-screen instructions.

What should I do if none of the methods work?

If none of the troubleshooting steps fix the issue, it’s best to contact Apple Support for further assistance. They can provide more advanced solutions or arrange for a repair.